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Requiem for an iPhone

By September 29, 2007Uncategorized

My iPhone is now totally non-functional. It delivered one last text message this morning and then went into a coma.  I tried rebooting repeatedly and it fought valiantly but, in the end, its cute little screen icons just couldn’t reappear. I don’t think that its demise was caused by the latest upgrade, though.  I’m pretty sure it’s a hardware failure of some type.  Well okay, let’s not speculate: I really have no idea what the problem is. 

My hunch is that it’s not a software problem.  It started a day after I flipped on the bluetooth (I hadn’t done that until now).  Maybe the Wi-Fi transmitter and the Bluetooth transmitter can’t get along.  Dunno.  One thing I know for certain: I won’t be making or receiving any phone calls on my cellphone for the next few days.  Apple is seding a temporary replacement that I’m supposed to get by Tuesday or Wednesday.  Then they’ll take a look at it, try to fix it, and then probably do an autopsy.  Well, at least I managed to get that latest upgrade installed.

That’s a small consolation, I know.  But somehow I think that my iPhone will be better off in its next life with that last piece of software having been installed. It’ll certainly feel more at home with all the other dead iPhones.

Update: Apple sent me a new iPhone and it is working pretty good. For some reason the battery life seems to be poor on this model.  And I don’t have to reboot it that often.  Ah, such is life on the bleeding edge of technology.

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