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Reports on the Big Easy

By August 30, 2006Uncategorized has an article entitled Uneasy Times for Lawyers in the Big Easy that describes the state of the legal community in New Orleans.  Their report is pretty consistent with what I see, although it doesn’t focus very much on the criminal law world which is in pretty dire straights (see Brian Ross’ aborted interview with N.O. District Attorney Eddie Jordan).  And the N.Y. Times has this profile of actor/magician Harry Anderson, who used to have a place in the French Quarter until he got frustrated (by the outcome of the mayor’s race) and left town.   Here’s a CNN article on how things are one year later. 

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One Comment

  • dangerblond says:

    I hate to hear that Harry Anderson has left town because of the mayor’s race. New Orleans will be here long after Sugar Ray has gone. If you really care about New Orleans, why would you pick up your marbles and go home when your guy loses?

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