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Report from Steve Domas

By September 5, 2005Uncategorized

I just couldn’t take it and went down to N.O. today. And I’m very heartened. Uptown, Warehouse District, and CBD are dry….. There’s lots of fallen limbs and power lines. And there are contractors with bob cats moving limbs. The National Guard is there, and almost everyone is out. Strange to see it so quiet. The flooding starts about a block past Feret to Claiborne. Down at Napoleon it starts atPascale’s M. I drove in and drove down st. charles all the way to Poydras. The D-Day Museum, Ogden Center, CAC — are all basically unscathed. There’s flooding every where else. Strange to see a ski boat tied up to a post on Jena. There’s lots of work to do. But what I’m saying is that New Orleans does not need to be completely rebuilt. It needs to be drained. And it will be.

Meanwhile, if you want to help in the recovery effort, check out this site.

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