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Reggie Bush – YouTube video tribute

By November 15, 2006law practice

Down here in New Orleans we LOVE Reggie Bush.  He hasn’t produced big stats yet, and he’s had a few unfortunate fumbles.  But he plays with a lot of heart, and –just as importantly– he’s been a big supporter of local community.  For example, he donated $86,000 for new astroturf in the main stadium where high school football games are played. He’s made other contributions and pledges as well, and it all started when he was first drafted.  I don’t know why Houston thought he’d be a difficult person to sign or have problems, but it’s obvious that he is compassionate and generous.  In post-Katrina New Orleans, we cherish people like Reggie Bush.

So, whenever Reggie gets the ball a lot of people in New Orleans sit up on the edge of their seats.  Pretty much like the people in this interesting video that has surfaced on YouTube recently.  I recognize that there are copyright implications in using footage from the movie Animal House Revenge of the Nerds, but I think any judge in New Orleans would be inclined to find this is a fair use.  It’s certainly a really clever use.

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