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Recommending New Orleans restaurants

By July 14, 2008November 14th, 2014new orleans, travel

Picture_10Whenever people come to New Orleans they always ask me for restaurant recommendations. They know that New Orleans is filled with great restaurants, so what they really want is my ‘special picks.’ First of all, I tell them about One Restaurant in the Carrollton Bend area. That’s the place I go to most often. The food is always outstanding, and the people are really great. The menu gets updated pretty regularly, so it’s not like you can burn out on it easily.

So, what about other recommendations? Well, the best thing is to get some ideas of restaurants that are close to where you are staying and then one or two outside that zone. Go to and check out the listings of restaurants by neighborhood (scroll down and look on the left side for the hard to find link). But, first consult their Grand Repertoire list. If you look at that list, you’ll not only know where to go but also what to order.

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