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By November 18, 2003websites

I always liked Chris Pfrang of Fancy Media, the firm that designed my law firm’s website. He was easy to deal with, had a reasonable quote, met his budget, and designed a great site (actually he designed several and offered us some choices that we picked from). Even years later, after he finished the work he did, if we need some small tweaks we just call him and he does them. Free of charge.

Anyway, like I said, I always respected him and liked his work, but I didn’t know how much until I visited the online gallery of a local jewelry store here in New Orleans called Mignon Faget. It was my wife’s birthday and I needed to get her a necklace from the same collection as the earrings and bracelet I got her the previous year. I knew there would be some choices and I wanted to prepare myself before I went in the store (which is usually crowded). So I visited the Mignon Faget website, which I was pleased to find was extremely user-friendly. After I found what I wanted, I called in to reserve it at one of the stores that was close by. I also complimented the sales person on their very attractive and user-friendly website.

Turns out that the Mignon Faget website was designed by Chris Pfrang of Fancy Media, which I learned when I visited his website design showcase (no direct link). I see that he has our law firm’s site showcased, along with this New Orleans firm. Anyway, I’m blogging about this because I find that a lot of law firm websites are really lame. It’s not that expensive or difficult to get a good site: just hire someone who has done good work in the past and can deliver a solid product at a reasonable price. I can definitely say that Fancy Media fits that bill.

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