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Ready for Barack Obama?

By February 12, 2007Uncategorized

I first became aware of Obama when my friend Rick Klau blogged about him, and I’ve kept up with his political trajectory since then.  I didn’t think he’d be ready to run in this presidential election, but I’m not surprised to see him place his hat in the ring.  Is he too inexperienced to be president?  Maybe so, but I’m willing to put him at the top of my list for now.  Why?  Well, he’s obviously smart and he’s an exceptional speaker.  And I believe he knows how to inspire people to work together, which is an important aspect of being president.  Maybe he doesn’t have enough ‘scar-tissue’ as my friend David recently explained. "Something like a divorce, or maybe a bankruptcy or two," is how he put it.

I’ll concede that Barack Obama doesn’t have much scar-tissue, but I seriously doubt he’s ever going to get divorced or appear in bankruptcy court.  But he’s going to get a lot of attention as he campaigns for the most sought-after job in U.S. politics, and he will get inevitably acquire some scar tissue.  Maybe he won’t make it to the top this time, but he’ll make it there eventually (his 60 Minutes interview last night shows that he’s not afraid of questions about his political inexperience, or about his ‘youthful indiscretions’). 

I admire Barack Obama’s political approach, and I strongly believe he would be a great president.  I don’t mind having someone in that position who ‘learns on the job’ as long as they are incisive and learn quickly and don’t make big mistakes.  There have been some ‘experienced politicians’ as POTUS who have made some big mistakes, and then failed to admit having made them.  "I know that I haven’t spent a lot of time learning the ways of Washington," Obama said in his announcement speech, "but I’ve been there long enough to know that the ways of Washington must change."

I’m not waiting for someone versed in the ‘ways of Washington,’ or someone covered with scar-tissue.  I am ready for someone who can make a positive change, and someone who has dedicated their life to making positive change.  I’m ready for someone who understands the global perspective, someone who has had a distinguished academic background, but who knows how to talk to people in plain English.  I’m ready for someone who will grow stronger in an important leadership role, not weaker. 

I’m ready for Barack Obama.

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  • jennie says:

    o m gh y od

  • Lin says:

    Barack first and foremost is a critical thinker, a chief characteristic when it comes to handing over someone for a role in a field where oil and water aren’t easily told apart- letalone separated! You want to blieve that everything that comes out of his mouth is not short of original meditation…that as much as his much calebrated oratory efects dwell in him more than they linger after the traditional “thank you” closure after most of his key-note speeches. Charisma aside, Obama’s out there are rare, as much as a Roger Fedeer crops up once in dacades, and it is only with his kind of following that you know that this time, it’s not just the people’s president that’s been made- but rather a symbol of ingenuity!

    People need that, before a people person!

    I’m South African but I can tell you that finding out about this man has been a beacon of hope given our still infant political risings towards a steady and reiable democracy.

    Thank You

  • Marcus says:

    Let’s see now, let me name some new ideas Obama has come up with……………………………… Oh, i seem to be stumped. How about you? What? Are those crickets I hear?

    Posted by: James Tidwell at Feb 22, 2007 8:05:58 PM

    Go read his book or shut up your ignorant illiterate self, deluded in Bush’s bigotry.

  • NS says:

    I’m from Illinois and I can tell you that Obama was a consensus builder and sponsor of a lot of legislation in his nearly 10 year career in the State Senate. He sponsored bills to videotape confessions in capital cases, to study the impact of providing health insurance for all Illinoisans, increased the number of families who could file for the Earned Income Tax Credit, and require health insurance companies to pay for mammograms. These are just some of the highlights. Much of this legislation he worked on with Republicans in the Senate when the Democrats were in the minority. The fact that he spent the first two years of the U.S. Senate building consensus and finding out who he could trust comes as no surprise.

    He was gradually building up friends so that he could pass legislation later. If history is any guide, he starts with some small proposals like increasing financial aid for college students and then works from there. So, to say that he doesn’t have any ideas is ridiculous. He passes legislation and gets things done. He’s got ideas for great new legislation; it just takes a while for these ideas to make their debut.

    Finally, when he ran for the U.S. Senate in Illinois, many people forget that he was a relatively unknown at the time. Blair Hull had tons of money and was spending it at a rapid pace while Dan Hynes (the only statewide elected Democrat running for U.S. Senate) was the establishment pick. Obama gradually built a grassroots organization, debated throughout the state and as people saw him and talked to him, he became more well-known and people warmed up to him. People also forget that through this strategy he received more than 50% of the vote in the crowded Democratic primary field of 6-7 candidates winning both Chicago and the collar counties.

    So, all in all, I think he’s got a chance despite the perception that he has no ideas and is a newcomer.

  • James Tidwell says:

    Let’s see now, let me name some new ideas Obama has come up with……………………………… Oh, i seem to be stumped. How about you? What? Are those crickets I hear?

  • I was unsure of Obama at first. I mean, who was he? A complete unknown, to me. But, I’ve been very happy with what I’ve seen so far. He’s smart, he’s grounded, and I think he has the right attitude. And, though I think a woman president would be just fine, I’m not a fan of Hillary’s. I’d like to see this country embrace Obama as a leader – not for his race or his desire to be president – but for his openness, his strength of character, and his desire to actually accomplish good for the people. Go, Barak!

  • amieo says:

    Yup. I was a skeptic until I heard his speech. And your friend must admit that there probably isn’t a person of color born and raised in the USA who hasn’t developed scar tissue. Whether it’s a callous or a blister, it denotes wear and tear.

  • FP says:

    He did not miss a beat when that neoconservative leader of Australia critized him about his stance on the war. Obama immediately told him that if he was so concerned that he (Australia) should send some troops there himself.

    That put it right into perspective too.

    Go Dixie Chicks!!!!!

  • Bill Wilson says:

    I too am ready for an Obama administration. Hillary Clinton may be a front-runner, and while there are some things I like about her, I don’t like the idea of carrying on the Bush and Clinton dynasties in the White House. Obama may be the first leader we’ve had in a while who can inspire us to do great things as a nation.

    It’s just too bad the folks over at Fox News will be only too happy to smear him when possible. But at least he hits back and shuts them out when they do.

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