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Reader mail – help with Katrina insurance issues

By April 3, 2006Uncategorized

When I first started blogging I used to keep close tabs on how many people were visiting my site.  These days I very seldom even bother to look at my stats.  I care less about how many people visit the page.  What I do care about are the really great emails I get from people who either stumble across my site or who read it regularly.  Here’s a really nice email I got recently from someone with some good information that she wanted me to pass on:

Hi Ernie,

I love your blog page, and I’ve been up late reading it. I’m sure you have heard from plenty of folks who have decided to go out on their own. I wanted to tell you about my friend, who did something similar to you. Her name is [xxxxxx]. She clerked for a judge for two years, then practiced insurance defense for 17 years. After the storm, she started to feel uncomfortable about the kind of law she was practicing, and quit the firm. She opened her own firm, and has become a part-time volunteer and community activist. While I know she has initially taken a cut in pay, she does not regret her decision, even on her most difficult day.

Aside from her cases, [she] is helping me in my volunteer effort to help the people of New Orleans with their insurance difficulites. You might be interested in what you find if you visit our website: The group is United Policyholders, and we are a consumer education group, offerring information free of charge to people in need of the info. We have also organized some public meetings, given testimony to the house insurance committee, and various and sundry other "trouble making" activities. I want to raise the awareness of those in public office, as well as those outside of the state, to what our issues are here. The insurance companies failure to pay timely has stymied alot of folk’s efforts to return to normalcy. Please pass on the website to anyone you know is having problems with their insurance company.

Those are the kind of emails that make blogging worthwhile.  Hopefully, this post will help more people find someone to help them with their insurance issues.

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