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Provacative new book on corporate blogging

By December 13, 2004web-tech

My friends Shel Israel and Robert Scoble are writing a book that promises to stimulate debate about the prospects for corporations to use blogs to their advantage.  According to this post by Shel:

"The Red Couch argues blogging is changing everything and businesses choosing to ignore it, face the same fate as the blacksmith who ignored the automobile a century ago. It will explain why this is a good thing, for both business and its customers, prospects, partners—even their own employees and investors…"

I think they are going to write a book that, years from now, will be referred to as a landmark work.  First, because blogs are have just begun to have a social impact.  And, second, because these guys are clued in and write quite honestly and effectively about the role of weblogs in society.

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