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Proposed new lawyer advertising rules for Louisiana

Louisiana is joining the ranks of states seeking to impose new rules on lawyer advertising.  The Louisiana Bar Association website has information, including transcripts of meetings where people offered comments.  Morris Bart’s comments at the meeting held last November in New Orleans were interesting, and though I don’t advertise (or intend to), I agree with his observations. 

The proposed rules are well-intentioned, but misguided because: (1) the ‘problem of lawyer advertising’ is overblown, and certainly not as serious as other problems that are in need of greater attention, and (2) the rules require too much interpretation, which frustrates lawyers who want to comply, and also creates an additional regulatory burden for the already overworked and underpaid bar association staff.

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  • Starks says:

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  • F P says:

    Despite the fact that New Orleanians re-elected Bill Jefferson, the people of New Orleans and Louisiana have voted together to create a lot of change in Local government. Somebody should tell this story and everybody should start getting it out to the rest of the country just how much has really changed for the better. It was no easy task and I am sure that this much change for the betterment of a community is unparalleled in any other state in today’s politics. Through the combined efforts of groups like, the new Orleans Bloggers, citizens and who knows how many other community groups the state constitution has been changed, the levee board has been revamped and consolidated, generations of corruption have been removed in the tax assessors system, oil revenues are being given to the state and Louisiana has voted to ensure that 100% of these revenues is used for coastal restoration(not gambling casinos). A new group of city councils was elected. Anybody but Batt would have been OK, but now we have a much better city council! I think the rest of the country and everyone here should be reminded just how much the people of Louisiana have been able to change in this system and see how hard they are trying to continue this change. But I am not good at telling this story. Who can tell this story? I don’t think people should be left with so little information that all they can do is wonder why dollar bill got re-elected. I think it is time they see the other, bigger side to this whole picture!

  • Lisa says:

    Whos fault is it that they are already underpaid?

  • Ernie says:

    Michael Hingle’s comments about the First Amendment were also amusing.

  • Robert says:

    Among the things I learned from that transcript: Mike Hingle likes cleavage.

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