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Programming note

By August 24, 2008Uncategorized

Picture_1Starting this week those of you who subscribe to this blog by email will notice a change: delivery of posts will now occur on a weekly basis. A few months ago I had tweaked the settings to cause the emails to go out as soon as I posted anything. I haven’t been posting much lately, but people who subscribed to the email were still getting a lot of stuff coming into their in-boxes.

Why? Well, because the email service includes not only my traditional posts, but also any delicious links or flickr photos that I post. That’s where the volume comes from, and apparently some people were dropping their email subscription because they felt like that was too much stuff.

I totally understand, and I think that a better delivery schedule is about once a week. For those who want to keep up with things on a regular basis you can always visit the site itself, or use an RSS Reader. I plan to post a lot more photographs to Flickr in the next few weeks, as I have found myself with a renewed interest in photography. I’ll probably post some thoughts about what I’ve learned in my photographic exploits.

As always, thanks for reading!

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