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Presumption of innocence vs. the appearance of guilt

By December 9, 2008law practice

Here are some things not to say if you are a power-arrogating politician who may be under investigation by the feds:

“It’s a fucking valuable [senate seat] you just don’t give it away for nothing.” [Cite at page 56]

Oh, and definitely don’t keep thousands of dollars in your refrigerator. I mean you’re entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and all, but these kinds of things look bad. I’m just puttin’ it out there…

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  • Ernie says:

    First, we don’t know what happened other than what’s reported about the Governor. The transcripts and the reports so far indicate that Obama refused to engage the Governor and that’s supported by Gov B’s criticism of Obama not being willing to play the game. So, if you were saying back then that Obama is corrupt then it appears that he is not. If he were then he would have been caught in the net. Of course people who don’t like Obama will say ________ [fill in anything that keeps him in a shadow, e.g. ‘he’s too smart to get caught’ or whatever].

    If you want to talk about Obama now that’s fine. This isn’t about Obama. It’s about the guy who we KNOW is probably corrupt. If you don’t like Obama, fine. I don’t see the connection, other than they’re both from Chicago. So are lots of people. But that doesn’t make them corrupt. We shouldn’t judge people other than by their own actions, and even then judgment is not the province of men.

  • Mike Kilburg says:

    Ernie, several months ago I voiced my opinion about then candidate Obama. I am not saying he did anything wrong, but he is a politician from Cook County Illinois. His chief advisor, David Axelrod is already talking out of both sides of his mouth regarding the senate pick. Rahm Emmanuel is a Cook County machine politician. The most disturbing tie is that of President-elect Obama and Tony Rezko. Lets face it, Obama got a real sweetheart real estate deal from Rezko. The same Rezko who is sitting in federal custody awaiting sentencing on corruption charges tied to our beloved governor who was arrested today. The democrats may be all peace and love elsewhere in our country, but around here they are mostly just crooks.

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