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Preparing for Hurricane Gustav

By August 28, 2008Uncategorized

Picture_2_2The forecast models for Hurricane Gustav put New Orleans in the zone of danger. Around the city, people are all a chatter about when to flee, which hotels are still taking reservations, what to do with pets, and how much ammunition to buy. Having been through Katrina, and having stayed in New Orleans when the storm hit, I’ve learned not to give in to panic.

I have stocked up on bottled water and batteries. I bought an American Red Cross hand-crank radio, mostly because I think owning AMC gear is, how shall I put it? Disaster-chic.

Here at the condo, the board of directors has declared a state of emergency and issued all kinds of decrees, not the least of which is that all balconies must be cleared tomorrow. So Becky and I will be moving our balcony zen-world indoors, temporarily. After the storm passes, we’ll be ready to redeploy to the outdoors where we’ll have all the provisions required for post-disaster survival: propane grill, deck furniture, hurricane lanterns (from Pottery Barn, natch) and a Queen size hammock. Yesterday I bought a case of nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, but I’m thinking that maybe I should get a case of red wine too, you know, for after all the ice melts.

Geez, this hurricane stuff is quite the ordeal. Hopefully, the aftermath will be more of a whimper than a bang. Either way, I feel prepared, and so I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

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  • Paul says:

    Staying in town with that thing coming? I think you’re nuts, but good luck!!

  • Patty says:

    Don’t forget North Carolina. We opened doors wide and only got about 1000 evacuees during Katrina. The food’s not as good as New Orleans, but we do have good barbecue. Always, always, though, very warm and hospitable here in Charlotte.

  • Mike Kilburg says:

    Hey Ernie. I have spoken to a few of my friends in the Gulf Coast and they seem to be thinking along the same lines as you. It seems like things are a tad better organized this time. We shall see. Hopefully this will be more like a drill then a reality but if not, Please be safe. Even up here they are planning. I put in my availability to be sent south if necessary. I am sincerely hoping the next time I am in New Orleans, it will be in October. (on vacation)

  • Scott says:

    Love the Caddyshack reference Ernie! Be safe old friend.

  • Ernie says:

    Thanks Clancy, and Suzanne. I’ll be safe and I’ll keep in touch. I have no fear of the hurricane, but I am afraid that if I accidentally turn on the TV and spot Ray Nagin acting like he knows what to do I’ll go into Anaphylactic shock.

  • suzanne ward says:

    We’re staying too. Keep in touch.

  • Clancy DuBos says:

    Be safe, Ern. Hope to see you when this blows over.

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