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We’re all biased.  We all harbor prejudice.  We should better appreciate our own prejudices instead of examining prejudice in others. 

We aren’t born with prejudice.  But we are born with minds that tend to point us in certain directions.   How do our minds getting pointed in the direction of prejudice?

1.  Lack of Familiarity

First, there is a contrast between one thing and another.  The mind
will always spot the contrast.  There is me, and then there is the
other.  I am quite familiar with me.  But what do I know about the

2. Suspicion & Distrust

Perhaps he has a gun, or maybe it’s just a hateful disposition.  He
doesn’t smile when we meet.  Is he going to attack me? If he gets too
close I’ll have to be ready to defend myself.

3. Assumptions

The others in his group do lot of bad things. That’s what I heard.
Some people don’t want to talk about it, but it’s getting worse.  One
guy in our group is talking about it.  He’s getting criticized but, the
truth is, a lot of people think the same thing.  They just don’t want
to admit it.

4. Like Minds

I’m going join forces with the people who understand how it really
is.  The others are getting more powerful and we have to stop them.  We
have to do it now, before it gets worse.  It’s not that we don’t want
them around, but we have to protect our way of life.  It’s that simple.

Another Direction

There many dots, and your mind will want to connect them.  But,
there are many ways to connect the dots.  Take your time and use a
number 2 pencil if you feel you must.   But don’t feel you have to
connect the dots quickly.  There is no time limit, and you are free to
change your answers at anytime.

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