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The Power of Subtlety

Many powerful forces that affect our lives are silent, invisible and slow moving.

We easily notice a flash of light or a loud boom, but we don’t easily notice forces like gravity or radioactivity.

The force of erosion by water is also powerful but hard to notice. The Grand Canyon took eons to form and we notice the effects of erosion now, but it would have been hard to grasp at first.

Many forces that affect our lives are subtle, but powerful. We tend to discount the power of subtle forces.

This is especially true when we try to bring important change into our lives. We have a bias for methods we can easily see, and get quick results from. Sometimes, however, a slow subtle method can create longer lasting results.

Meditation is a subtle method, and the most powerful benefits don’t become noticeable until you’ve done it consistently for a at least a couple of months. I’ve written about how I got started meditating, and the tool I use to keep going. In just over 3 months, meditation has dramatically changed my life.

One of the most powerful benefits I got from meditation came about 2 months after I started: I lost craving for unhealthy foods and started losing excess weight. In 60 days I lost almost 30 pounds, all without even creating a diet plan or formally intending to lose weight.

Meditation makes it easier for you to make many other healthy choices, even if you’re not consciously choosing to be healthy. That’s pretty powerful.

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