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Post-Katrina sentiments from dislocated New Orleanians

By September 24, 2005Uncategorized

Last night at the Ninfa’s in Baton Rouge five of us refugees (Martin, Scott, Susan, Mike and I) were talking about how eager we all are to return to New Orleans and begin the process of making it better.  As each of us traded stories about our evacuations and the dramatic changes to our lives, and those of our friends and families, we were all close to tears.  We talked about how the media couldn’t keep up with the really meaningful stories because it is so focused on sensationalizing everything. 

There will be nothing sensational about the rebuilding of New Orleans.  It will take time and it will take a massive, sustained effort.  And it will take love.  I know, I know.  That sounds so corny.   So what?  It’s true.  The people who will show up first to rebuild New Orleans are the ones who love the city the most.  People like Richard, for example.  And the five people who were sitting around a table at Ninfa’s last night.  And many others who are out there feeling impatient about returning home, to a city that is waiting to be nurtured, to a city that shows itself best through its quirky and joyous inhabitants.

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