Imagine a world where getting quality referrals is not just possible, but easy and ethical too. That’s the pioneering world Arya Firoozmand, co-founder of Overture Law, is building. In this enlightening conversation, Arya takes me through his journey into law practice and how he and his partners invented Overture Law, an innovative platform that fills a service gap by linking attorneys and clients in the insurance-bad-faith sector.

But Overture Law is more than just a linking platform. It’s a community that empowers attorneys through a system that rigorously vets to ensure only the highest quality referrals. Arya shares the intricate process of joining and posting referrals, and how the platform, designed with attorneys in mind, makes this process swift, smooth, and efficient. We also explore the importance of proper vetting in maintaining the high standards of the community.

Referral fees and attorneys can be a tricky landscape to navigate, but not with Overture Law. Arya elaborates on how they have developed a system that automatically handles billing, thus eliminating the trust account issues that usually arise when referring matters. We discuss how the platform integrates seamlessly with Clio for time tracking and invoice generation. With clear expectations around referral fees, attorneys can now focus on the most important task at hand – finding the right attorney for their client. So, tune in and discover how Overture Law is revolutionizing the legal industry.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Expanding referrals you get from sources outside your home state
  • Getting compensated for making referrals (even in non-contingency fee matters)
  • The importance of a community platform that not only connects attorneys but also vets them to ensure high-quality referrals.
  • The ethics of getting compensated for making referrals.

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Overture Law

Overture Law is the first private attorney network enabling them to refer matters to one another and ethically share in referral fees.

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Once you’re accepted, you’ll start getting valuable referrals and earn fees for matters you refer out. A powerful win-win for U.S.-based solo and small firm attorneys.

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