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Portable TIVO content on your laptop?

By July 23, 2004web-tech

Not if the NFL or the Motion Picture Association of America have anything to say about it. The IPTAblog reports: “In February, TiVo filed with the FCC for broadcast flag certification under the Digital Broadcast Content Protection Rule: Broadcast Flag Certification of TiVo. The MPAA and NFL filed oppositions to TiVo’s certification, arguing that new TiVo features which allow TiVo subscribers to make recorded programs more portable should be subject to more stringent regulation.”

Rick Klau is fired up, and has the phone number of someone at the NFL. It really is ridiculous. I’ll bet that digitizing game films has revolutionized the way NFL teams prepare for their opponents. But the NFL doesn’t want the digital revolution to go too far –i.e. they don’t want the fans to experience too much digital convenience.

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