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PopTech – Chad Hollister

By October 27, 2003Uncategorized

Chad Hollister wasn’t an official part of PopTech. I met him in a bar where he was playing music, and I wound up talking to him at length about lots of stuff. Mostly music stuff, though. He started out as a percussionist and was influenced by people like Santana. It didn’t take much to prompt me to buy his latest CD, which is entitled –simply enough– “Life.” Really great stuff! Highly recommended.

Chad lives in Burlington, Vermont and has played with, or opened for, a lot of well known bands (Phish, Tom Petty, Blues Traveller, the Spin Doctors etc.). He has a really nice website where you can find MP3 samples of his songs and learn about him and where he is touring (mostly Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut). Check him out if you can, and buy his CDs if you like his music. Not only is he a great musician, but he is helluva nice guy.

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