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Policy for Emails I receive

By October 5, 2003Uncategorized

I received an E-mail recently from someone who wrote “NOT FOR PUBLICATION” at the top of the E-mail. I will honor the person’s request not to publish the E-mail, even though it suggests I’m becoming a “shrill bastard.” In the future, I will not consider myself bound by such statements. I’m not saying that I’m going to publish E-mails that I receive; I have better things to do than to publish emails, and the few readers I have aren’t interested in my hate mail anyway.

However, I’m not going to feel bound by a unilateral inscription on the top of an Email. So don’t think that writing “NOT FOR PUBLICATION” gives you license to say things you won’t be held accountable for. If you have something to harsh to say and you want to say it anonymously I have my comments set so that you can do so. I don’t delete comments, no matter how critical they are. So feel free to wail away over there. Perhaps you’ll find that other people agree with you, and I’m sure that will make you feel better. Thanks.

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  • Octavio Almada says:

    Hello Ernie:I committed a crime (Drugs,Non-Violance) back in 1994, was convicted and got a sentence of four years, which I did in an Arizona State Penitentiary, I got a deportation hearing by a Federal Court in 1997 and I waived it, so I signed a voluntarily deportation sheet, my question is; what are the posibilities for me to get a pardon, so I can get a tourist visa, or may be a student visa in the future?; since I finished my high school and am in the process of getting a law degree here in Mexico. In my judgement, there are some attenuating causes, I was a young man, that had dropped out of high school, between others.I am really interested in getting back the privilege of crossing freely, since I live in the border between Mexico and the USA, and it is a need, here in this place. I am barely trying to get my law degree, so don´t have a lot of money, but I am willing to negotiate with you any how that I can, so I could pay your honoraries. I will appreciate, and really consider any possibility there could be to make this happen.Thank you for your time,

  • Ditto to Ernie.Ditto to Scheherazade.(hey, this is my shortest comment ever — but won’t be if I don’t make myslef stop right now._

  • scheherazade says:

    I would like to go on the record as saying that I do not think you are a “shrill bastard” at all.

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