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Podcast with Gary Reback

By October 6, 2009Uncategorized

The TWIL podcast with Gary Reback is up on iTunes, and I encourage anyone who is interested in how law is shaping the development of technology to listen up.  Gary Reback is the author of a wonderful book called Free the Market, which describes the role that antitrust law has had in the development of new technologies.  Gary has had an amazing career, and he's a very thoughtful guy.  He's got some interesting observations about the Google book settlement (which appear at the end of the podcast).

Thanks to Denise Howell for letting me guest host the podcast in her absence, and to Brandy Karl and Rick Klau for helping me out with the podcast.

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One Comment

  • Thanks for uploading this podcast. I read Mr. Reback’s book in one weekend and loved it. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in law, economics, and technology.

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