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Please Help Idi Amin

By August 14, 2003Uncategorized

Idi Amin joined the Ugandan Army in 1962 and quickly became one of its most decorated soldiers (of course it helped that he was the one doing the decorating). After he rose to commander of the armed forces, he overthrew dictator Milton Obote and seized power. More decorations followed, and soon he became hard to distinguish from a winning horse at the Kentucky Derby.

Amin was what might, euphemistically, be termed a strong leader. During his nine-year reign, he was responsible for the deaths of an estimated half-million people. He was finally dethroned in 1979 by Tanzanian troops joined by Ugandan dissidents.

Today, he is living in exile and is in poor health. In fact, according to this BBC report he needs two new kidneys. He had two of them lined up but they turned out to be incompatible. He needs some that are compatible, and pronto. So, if you are a meglomaniacal murderous former dictator in reasonably good health and would be willing to part with one of your kidneys please contact Idi Amin as soon as possible. And if you’d be willing to part with both of them at the same time that would be even better.

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