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Phil Mickelson’s contribution to New Orleans

By May 1, 2006katrina

Many people know that golfer Phil Mickelson won the Masters again this year, and many people know  he’s a great guy.  Phil Mickelson came to town for the PGA tour event that was played here this past weekend, and at the outset he announced that he would donate all of his winnings to New Orleans relief efforts.  Unfortunately, he didn’t win the tournament.  He finished 15th, which entitled him to $82,000. 

So did Phil Mickelson donate $82,000 to New Orleans? No, he didn’t.  "We were hoping it would be a first-place check," Mickelson, said. "But we didn’t want to leave without giving $250,000."  So, he added $168,000 of his own money to the winnings and donated that to the city.

Thanks Phil.  You’re a more than a champion, and the people of this city will forever appreciate your compassion.

P.S. If you want a better practice, use the 80/20 Principle to start creating radical leverage and massive ROI.

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