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What should you pay attention to?

By December 20, 2014February 6th, 2015mindfield, zen / spirituality

We tend to become what we give our attention to.

If we dwell on fear of what might happen in the future, we sort of become that future moment.

Which, of course, isn’t real.

We lose power when we focus too much on things that aren’t real.

[Be here now]

We sometimes give attention to the past…

because of some wrong we suffered, or some moment of shame.

But the past is no longer real.

Past moments were real once, but not anymore.

There’s nothing you can do about the past…

other than to accept that it formed your experiences…

and has shaped your destiny…

Up to now.

From here on out, the only thing that can shape your destiny is the decision you make now.

[Be here now]

The next decision is the one that counts.

You only act in the present moment.

[Be here now]

We lose track of our real self when we give too much attention to the future or the past.

We are not what we were, nor what we might become.

We are what we are now.

[Be here now]

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  • Paul Cowie says:

    I feel you brother. I have been a litigator for at least 5 years but it was not an easy part. The bar, the cases and everything doesn’t get any simpler.

  • Erin Edgar says:

    This is a truly inspiring post which I read at the perfect time. I am studying for the bar. I spent the last several years dwelling on how I failed to pass it, effectively living in the past instead of moving forward. My progress, both professionally and personally, was mostly blocked by these thoughts. Thank you for this simple, yet profound, advice.

    • You’re welcome Erin! And I’m glad to know that you discovered something powerful that will help you move forward. Reflecting on yourself is a powerful tool, and you’ve started doing something that will keep helping you in surprising ways.

    • John Carter says:

      Don’t worry, you’re not alone. To be honest , I took the bar twice before I passed. Yes it was a painful experience when I first took it but that didn’t stop me from pursuing my dreams. Dwelling on the past is a horrible way to start your future. Let it go. Thanks Erin’s for this inspiring post. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Cheers!

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