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Passing legislation quickly

By September 26, 2003law practice, websites

Instapundit points to Randy Barnett’s examination of the swift passage of do-not-call legislation where he asks “what happened to ‘gridlock?’ Perhaps genuinely popular legislation is not so hard to pass after all? Perhaps the other stuff is harder to enact because significant segments of the population oppose them?”

I actually addressed the idea of fast track legislation in a post at my old website entitled Five Minute Legislation. I have another idea: make the members of Congress wear roller skates.

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One Comment

  • Dave says:

    I have a question. What is the reality of passing legislation that would prohibit smoking around underage children ? We as a country are only now understanding the true long term effects of 2nd hand smoke & what the potential damage to our kids – our future we a causing. We have made many strides in this area but i dont feel we are really addressing the problem at the root. We in some ways are creating more problems – if we limit smokers to not smoking in public restaurants & pubs & entitle them to smoke in their cars & homes – has anybody asked What about the children ? Adults are smoking more & more around their own kids as they cut back on smoking elswhere- We should not stop at simply banning smoking in public location – we should prohibit smoking around our children & forcing them to breath in what very well might kill them later in life. My question is – How do we do this ?

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