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Participatory Journalism – No longer a dream

By August 7, 2003websites

My good friend J.D. Lasica is journalist who is fascinated with how new web publishing tools (like the one I’m using to post this) are changing the world. As a journalist he’s very attuned to how it is changing his profession. He embraces that change. And he tries to understand and explain it.

J.D. has written a series of articles for the Online Journalism Review about what he calls “participatory journalism.” Basically, participatory journalism is the process that we see evolving with weblogs (that’s my explanation not his). Here’s a brief excerpt from one of J.D’s articles:

“Everyone on the Internet is a potential expert on some subject — from Pez dispensers to digital photography techniques to wormholes — and these participatory forms are great places to find and share not only obscure or rare information, but commentary that might be too controversial for mainstream media.”

I heartily recommend his article and encourage you to click here.

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