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Paperless lawyering seminar this Thursday in Lafayette, Louisiana

By April 16, 2012law, presentations

Do you want to learn to take your law practice to a new level of efficiency? Becoming paperless is the path you want to take, and it’s not as hard as you’d imagine. Dane Ciolino and I are going to do a 3 hour live CLE seminar in Lafayette, Louisiana this Thursday from 1 – 4 pm (April 19th). So, if you’re able to attend, please click here for more details on the topics we’ll cover, and to sign up.

If you’re not able to attend, then you can still watch our free online videos. If you’re a Louisiana attorney and want CLE credit then you can pay us and we’ll get you credit for watching the videos, two of which supply Ethics credit. We have many more free videos on advanced paperless processes over here.

Information is power, but knowing how to process digital information is like having “superpowers.” We teach people how to acquire these superpowers (and lawyers get CLE credit). Wouldn’t you like to learn how to become paperless and take your practice to an amazing new level of efficiency?

P.S. If you want a practice optimized for remote work & virtual collaboration, get this 24-page guide.
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