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Outsiders weigh in on Landrieu vs. Nagin

By May 10, 2006new orleans

A lawyer friend of mine was in town a few weeks ago for a conference and had some observations about New Orleans, in particular the mayor’s race:

Not that New Orleans needs the opinions of outsiders …but …I really think that Landrieu is the better choice for New Orleans. Simply put, New Orleans needs a new face for the nation. …Nagin’s "chocolate city" remarks didn’t win many friends around the country…. Landrieu would have more of the nation’s confidence as far as handling federal money & managing the rebuilding process from the viewpoint of Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Taxpayer in Middletown, Ohio….

I’ve heard similar views from other people around the country, people who are paying taxes to the government that will provide some of the money that is used to rebuild New Orleans.  They want to see us elect a mayor that can be trusted to use the money properly.  And I want a mayor who can use his power to get things done without waiting on money.  Things like getting rid of trash and abandoned cars.

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