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Our fact-distorting, ratings-driven media

By September 19, 2003Uncategorized

Since I started blogging I have come to rely less on traditional media reports. It’s not that they always lie, but in some areas (especially when they feel like they aren’t going to get caught) they do take license with the truth. I call that ‘distortion.’

Increasingly, weblogs written by thoughtful people whose bias is minimal (or openly stated) are counterbalancing the press’ monopoly on information. The Iraq War is one of those areas where the press figures that they can take license with information. After all, who’s in a position to credibly provide an alternate view? The answer is bloggers like Glenn Reynolds who are well respected enough to get hired by traditional media outlets.

Hey if you can’t fight ’em, hire ’em.

Update more on Iraq war media distortion from Glenn.

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