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By November 8, 2005Uncategorized

I’m obviously not the only one posting about New Orleans’ effort to deal with Katrina.  I got a nice email from a recent law grad named Aaron who has a weblog called Iced Coffee and a Bagel, which is pretty cool.  He has an interesting post about the potential liability of the Army Corps of Engineers for the failure of some of the levees.  Aaron is a great writer and his blog is definitely worth checking out.

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One Comment

  • Joshua Barnhart says:

    Thanks for the shout-out about the blog. I am not Aaron, but I knew him from law school and his discussion of Corps liability was actually a good starting point in my own research on the topic. BTW, I am glad your house fared well…I actually met you there at a cocktail you hosted this past May for summer associates at your firm.

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