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Online Court Calendar Information

By June 28, 2004Uncategorized

I just found out that one state court judge in Louisiana’s 16th Judicial District is running a website with some really useful information, including an online calendar of court hearings, trials and other events. This website is only for Section E of the 16th JDC. I talked to the judge by phone and he told me that the system is pretty good (they update it every day and seem to get good feedback from attorneys who use it).

However, he’d like to make it so that the software integrates with software run in the clerk’s office so that the calendar information would get picked up and posted to the web automatically (and ideally the other judges would participate and this would be a court-wide process). In other words, he wants to make the system easier to administer.

In some ways, what he is doing is similar to the federal court PACER system, except the goal is to publicize future calendar events that are scheduled for each judge (and not so much the publication of historical docket information). Any thoughts? Anyone else out there have experience with something like this in their state court system? Links to such systems would be appreciated.

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