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Online CLE videos for Louisiana lawyers

By December 13, 2011December 7th, 2013law practice, presentations

Louisiana lawyers can get up to 4 hours of CLE by the hour by watching online videos. (See LA MCLE Rule 3(d)). You can even get Ethics and Professionalism credit this way.

If you just need to get a couple of hours of Louisiana CLE credit then an online CLE program is the most convenient way to do it.

Sadly, there are a lot of lame CLE videos out there. Most are created by pointing a video camera at an ill-prepared speaker blathering about war stories in a room with bad acoustics.

Hostage videos made by terrorists have better production qualities.

I’m not a terrorist, just a lawyer who knows a bit about technology and wants to offer a reasonable alternative to the usual crappy CLE videos.

My company (PaperlessChase) isn’t primarily in the CLE business, but we’re fully qualified by the Louisiana MCLE to offer CLE programs. Our primary mission is to help lawyers improve their law practices. We mostly help them  harness technology they already own, to get practical results that improve their law practice and lower their stress levels.

With both the primary and secondary missions in mind, I created 10 online Louisiana CLE videos by recording powerpoint slides and video clips directly from a computer, adding high-fidelity audio narration by well-prepared speakers.

The 10 videos cover practical topics that are widely applicable to most lawyers (5 of the videos qualify for Ethics or Professionalism credit). For example, we have one on how to be more productive with email (which qualifies for Professionalism) and a couple on using your iPad better (one of which offers Ethics credit). We have two videos on how to create a paperless law practice (1 with Ethics credit).

Again, all of these videos are fully accredited by the Louisiana MCLE committee.  They even play well on an iPhone or iPad (assuming you have a fast enough Internet connection on your phone’s data plan).

For information about all of our Louisiana CLE seminars, including the live events, click here.

You can read testimonials from attorneys who were enthralled by the different approach we take. If you have to get CLE credit, then why not do it in a program that offers relevant, practical topics presented by well-prepared speakers who are engaging and entertaining? Even our written materials are useful.

Yeah, it’s crazy talk. But I have this weird idea that CLE programs should actually be useful and well done.

P.S. If you're a practicing lawyer, check out this Law Practice Assessment . After answering a few questions, you'll get detailed recommendations for improving five key areas of your practice.
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