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Off to speak in Wilmington, Delaware

I’m off today to Philadelphia, and then to Wilmington, Delaware where I’ll speak to the Diamond State Chapter of ARMA International. ARMA is is a not-for-profit association that focuses on managing records and information, both paper and electronic. My talk will be about how professionals, such as lawyers, are struggling to adapt to digital information.

Most lawyers think this means dealing with E-Discovery (and of course it does), but the reality is that we all need to be more adept with digital information in all phases of our lives. If lawyers understood the nature of digital information better they wouldn’t have so many problems with E-Discovery. That’s my thumbnail view, anyway.

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  • Ernie says:

    It was indeed very enjoyable. Great group of people. I learned a lot, and hope to keep learning more about records management.

  • It’s great to see an attorney speaking to one of the ARMA Chapters! Hopefully it will be as rewarding to you as it will be for the Diamond State Chapter members! ARMA’s involvement with the Sedona Conference, with the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), and others should help Records and Information Managers better understand the key concerns of the legal profession. I hope that those in the legal profession might also benefit from learning more about what professional Records and Information Managers can do for their firms and for the firms of their clients.

    Doug Allen, CRM, CDIA+https://www.arma.org

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