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Off to Boise Idaho to talk about disaster preparedness

By January 26, 2006law

I’m using the free wifi from PJ’s Coffee shop in the New Orleans airport (Near entrance to Concourse C) to post this (the username is ‘coffee’ and I think that’s the password too, but not sure).  Anyway, I’m off to Boise, Idaho to talk to a group of lawyers about disaster preparedness, something I thougtht about a lot before Katrina. And, obviously after Katrina, I thought about it even more: what worked well, what didn’t, how things could have gone smoother etc.

Steve Nipper, a fellow lawyer blogger invited me and I’ll be staying with him when I’m there.  I’m really excited about spending time in Boise, a wonderful city that I would probably never have visited if not for Steve’s kind invitation.  I’ve created a set of links for my talk and also a powerpoint presentation (which I may upload later), if anyone else is interested in seeing what my talk will be about.  Basically, my theme will be that if you practice mobile computing as part of your regular work routine then you’re pretty close to having a good disaster plan.

P.S. If you want a practice optimized for remote work & virtual collaboration, get this 24-page guide.


  • Larry says:

    Have fun in Idaho 🙂 I’ve only been there once… that was to pick up some prisoners from the local hokey to escort back to Colorado. My only lasting memory of the trip was the view of Salt Lake, when flying over Utah.

    We’re working all weekend on a rush case 🙁 I’d rather be doing almost anything else.

  • Kevin OKeefe says:

    As I am sure you know by know Steve’s a good guy, invited me out there a couple years ago to speak to bar association. You’ll enjoy it.

    Funny (in sad way) to think you’ve become by necessity an expert disaster preparedness for the legal profession.

    Safe travels.

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