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Of terrorists, drones, and long tails…

By July 17, 2006Uncategorized

Scott Adams blogs: "the terrorists have drones with explosives, according to Israel. You have to think that those will become more popular than iPods."  This development is part of the whole Long Tail phenomenon that is emerging as a major social/business/political force.  I highly recommend Chris Anderson’s book, The Long Tail, which was preceded by his blog of the same name.  The  Long Tail Phenomenon is complimentary to the things discussed in Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat.

The sad thing is that all kinds of people are noticing these changes, people in Bangalore, kids in high school who learn Japanese so they can understand manga better, and pretty much everyone who is adept at computers and the Internet.  What’s sad is not that those people are noticing the changes, but that our leaders –particularly here in the United States– are only dimly aware that any kind of change is taking place, much less that it is a radical change and that it is developing at an accelerating pace.

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