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Obama – what are the details?

By January 11, 2008politics

Some people say Obama is inexperienced, that he’s strong on rhetoric, but weak on details.  This thoughtful post by a philosophy professor about Obama (created over a year ago)  is worth reading.  Her post suggests that Obama’s best skill may not be his speaking ability, but his ability to forge true bi-partisan solutions to thorny problems. 

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One Comment

  • Faith says:

    Interesting post. Last night on Bill Moyers Journal (PBS) he interviewed an African-American scholar, Shelby Steele, who just wrote a book on the politics of race and why Obama can’t win. His point was the we do not really know what Obama stands for – he is merely a blank screen upon which we all project our wishes and hopes on for a transcendent racial experience. Obama, being the conciliatory non-threatening black, plays on that. See this link: <>

    Not sure how much of that I agree with (I am a solid Edwards girl) but it is fascinating how deeply he strikes a chord.

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