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Updated as of 9/12/2022

Where I’m hanging

  • New Orleans: where it rains a lot and sometimes floods (but the food, music and revelry more than make up for it 😉)

What I’m doing


  • Football is back! 🏈



—Verbiage to learn/ponder

engulf, bête noire, littoral, panoptic, obsédé, expostulate, skosh, rugelach, peruke, larder, recondite, abstruse, shirt-tail cousins, larping, mien, matryoshka, midden, morphogenesis, jape, trencher, seneschal, pheromone, cybernetics, fetters, coarsen,


This “now page” was inspired by Derek Sivers. If you want to learn more, check this out.

Also, check out his excellent list of recommended books.

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