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NOLA’s CTOs: “High Tech Drifters”

By February 24, 2007Uncategorized

In reading this article about New Orleans former Chief Technology Officer Greg Meffert I noticed that his successor had already resigned.  I thought that was strange, since he had only been in the position for a short while.  While checking out the city’s official website I found this page which, not only doesn’t tell you the name of the current CTO, but still lists Greg Meffert as being in that position.  And Nagin wants to run the Road Home programGive me a post-traumatic break

When Nagin first took office one of the things he actually did well was figure out how to use technology to improve government services.  Now his department can’t even figure out how to update a website (something that high schoolers who manage Myspace and Facebook pages seem to do with great facility).  Mardi Gras may be over, but if you want to continue to enjoy a farce-in-progress just head over to City Hall.  And bring your beads and noise makers.

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