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NOLA Wifi – Update

By July 17, 2006Uncategorized

The Times Picayune had an article on Earthlink’s plan to deploy a municipal Wi-Fi network in the city.  I was quoted (with misspelled last name) for the proposition that the current wifi system is not always available.  I had hoped that the writer would find other people to supplement my observation, which was based on limited information.  As I told the author, I hardly ever used the system and certainly haven’t used it recently.  But I’m glad to hear that they are planning to expand the system, and make it more reliable.

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  • Guide says:

    What role does Wifi play in rebuilding a city? In SF, there is a desire to strengthen digital credentials. (sf chronicle, 04/06/06) Nevertheless, there are “Big Brother” concerns. (sf chronicle, 04/08/06).

    If Cyril Neville is right about “an agenda to transform (New Orleans) into a homogenized casino waterfront”, (austin chronicle, 04/28/06) is Wifi part of some macabre Right Wing conspiracy? Maybe just another EarthLink deal and we should all buy shares?

    I hope the tough questions don’t make me sound crazy or anything…

  • Randy says:

    And then Meffert resigned the very next day. Hmmmmm. I hear there was a big sigh of relief at City Hall, and it has been suggested that Greg may end up being Nagin’s first big scandal. I too tried to use the existing system downtown but never could get a connection. A friend wrote on his blog the other day that he was sitting next to the Earthlink manager on a flight to Atlanta and the guy said the process is working more smoothly in N.O. than it is in the two other cities where they are trying to get it going.

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