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Newsweek Survey – What’s Your ‘Digital IQ’?

By November 19, 2003web-tech

This week’s Newsweek is all about The Twilight of the PC Era. There are several tech articles, but my favorite is: Test Your Digital IQ. Sixty-two questions and if you score 110 points then you are a certified geek. Each question is weighted differently, and on a few of the questions can you rack up major points. For example, question # 48 asks “Do you have a weblog?” A ‘correct’ answer here yields only 3 points. The next question asks if “at least 5 weblogs link to yours” to which a ‘correct’ answer racks up 10 points. The only other 10 point questions are: “do you know the closest free ‘hot spot?” and “have you installed Linux on your PC?”

My favorite question, though, is number 52: “Do you know how to get rid of Clippy in Microsoft Office?” The ‘correct answer’ is only worth 3 points on the test, which is unfair, because knowing the correct answer to that in real life is worth at least 50 points.

Update: Here is an MSNBC story on the results of the Digital IQ Survey.

P.S. If you appreciate these kinds of observations, you might want to read this as well.

One Comment

  • LibrisCat says:

    I scored 117. I know how to change Clippy and to turn off Clippy.

    One true geek question they missed was “did you build your own computer?”I’ve built and rebuilt my computer multiple times – I was surprised thequestion was not there.

    LibrisCatLibrarian & Geek

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