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Newsweek Survey – What’s Your ‘Digital IQ’?

By November 19, 2003websites

This week’s Newsweek is all about The Twilight of the PC Era. There are several tech articles, but my favorite is: Test Your Digital IQ. Sixty-two questions and if you score 110 points then you are a certified geek. Each question is weighted differently, and on a few of the questions can you rack up major points. For example, question # 48 asks “Do you have a weblog?” A ‘correct’ answer here yields only 3 points. The next question asks if “at least 5 weblogs link to yours” to which a ‘correct’ answer racks up 10 points. The only other 10 point questions are: “do you know the closest free ‘hot spot?” and “have you installed Linux on your PC?”

My favorite question, though, is number 52: “Do you know how to get rid of Clippy in Microsoft Office?” The ‘correct answer’ is only worth 3 points on the test, which is unfair, because knowing the correct answer to that in real life is worth at least 50 points.

Update: Here is an MSNBC story on the results of the Digital IQ Survey.

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One Comment

  • LibrisCat says:

    I scored 117. I know how to change Clippy and to turn off Clippy.

    One true geek question they missed was “did you build your own computer?”I’ve built and rebuilt my computer multiple times – I was surprised thequestion was not there.

    LibrisCatLibrarian & Geek

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