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New techniques in corporate management

By August 1, 2007Humor

Michael Lewis’ excellent book Moneyball was purportedly about the emerging "science of management" in baseball, and how the Oakland Athletics used this science to win an improbably high number of games.  The number of games won was ‘improbably high’ because their payroll was the second lowest in baseball.  Moneyball (which I wrote about here) was really a study of corporate management techniques in general.  Apparently baseball is shedding its traditionally stodgy approach, and adopting new ways of dealing with management problems.

Some of these new management approaches that baseball managers are developing can now be found online. This video is one great example of the new ‘out of the box’ thinking taking place in baseball.  I guess you can say there’s still a lot of ‘art’ in the ‘science of management.’

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