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New Orleans restaurant openings

By October 19, 2005Uncategorized

If you want to make money in New Orleans open a restaurant. And don’t worry about coming up with a name.  All you need is a sign that says "Now Open", or one that says when you will be opening (this can be something you just spray paint on your boarded-up windows). Many restaurants would like to open but can’t because of a lack of waiters and cooks. Food shortages are leading restaurants to serve limited menus, and many will only take cash (because the phone lines used to verify credit transactions are down).  But none of this is keeping people from streaming into whatever eateries are open.

One reason that people are so eager to eat out is they want to get out and socialize with their neighbors while pumping money into the local economy.  Another reason is people are tired of eating MRE’s.  I haven’t eaten any yet, but I’ve got some in my cabinet that I got from some friends.  It’s really interesting to hear people talk about the MREs.  Everyone has their favorite MRE (the spaghetti & meatballs is quite popular) and almost everyone I’ve talked to is surprised at how good they taste.  The meals come with a heating pack that you just add water to and put under the meal.  You have to love the instruction about placing the heat pack under a ‘rock or something.’

If you want to keep up with the latest restaurant openings be sure to check out this website by noted local food critic Tom Fitzmorris.  And if you have any Beef Stew MREs that you don’t want send them along to me.

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  • Robert says:

    Hey man! That’s my gig!

    Good to see you keeping up the posting E. We’re going to have to grab lunch next week. Are you guys back in the office yet?

  • tom says:

    Over the Pearl in Mississippi, we also have aflurry of restaurants opening. Unfortunately,many of the ones I frequented were within 2blocks of the beach or bayou and are, therefore,blown away.

    Sadly, we were ecstatic when Dominoe’s opened! We missour coffee shops and usual eateries.

    I would even eat a Luckie’s dog now.

    Tom in Gulfport, Mississippi

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