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New Orleans office of “The Anonymous Law Firm”

By June 4, 2006Humor

The Anonymous Law Firm website is a marketing tool created to promote Jeremy Blachman’s upcoming book: "The Anonymous Lawyer."  The website is pretty funny.  I’m pleased to see that ALF has a New Orleans office; here’s the description from the website:

"The New Orleans office opened in 1997, and has been a proud corporate resident ever since, enjoying the sights and sounds of the city, as well as its delicious local cuisine. When Hurricane Katrina hit, even as people fled the city in droves, we were proud to stay behind and support the local economy. As a firm, we donated thousands of dollars in Post-it notes, paper clips, and unused staples to our colleagues at other firms to replace the office supplies tragically lost in the storm.

Our New Orleans office is home to the Firm’s environmental protection group and proudly defends the rights of the flood levees to control their own destiny, without having invasive procedures forced upon them. In 2009, we plan to open a new office in the heart of downtown New Orleans, on the fifty-fifth floor of a state-of-the-art skyscraper being built on hundred-foot stilts, complete with a supermarket, 40-store shopping complex, restaurants, hotel suites, and a security system that will keep out anyone not affiliated with the Firm, even in an emergency situation.

The New Orleans office mascot is the mountain lion."

I think the firm mascot should be something more in keeping with the current local situation: i.e., a flatbed truck laden with sheetrock; but then I’m not a member of the Anonymous Law Firm so who cares what I think?

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