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New Orleans Music – Recommendations

By April 1, 2004Uncategorized

If you are in town for a few days you should get out and hear some New Orleans music. It’s not hard to do, but don’t just confine your ‘sure-to-be-successful’ search to Bourbon Street. First of all, you want to check out the list of current music. For jazz music you want to consider going to Snug Harbor or the Funky Butt, among many other places.

On the non-jazz front, if you see Lenny McDaniel on any of the lists consider going to see him; he’s got a soulful singing voice and he is a virtuoso piano player and guitar player (oh, and harmonica too).

Another guy I think highly of, but who is not someone you’d necessarily know of, is Chris Cortez. He is a consumate musician and entertainer, and if you get a chance to listen to him you won’t be disappointed (you’ll be elated). Check out his website for sample music, tips on how to perform or play, and other stuff. I’m taking lessons from him and I can tell you that, of all the people I’ve taken music lessons from, he is by far the best.

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