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New Orleans Mayor’s race – voting absentee, voting early

By April 8, 2006Uncategorized

If you can’t be in town for the April 22nd elections, which includes the mayor’s race and several other races of local interest, then you can vote absentee.  To do that you need to download and fill out this PDF form and then call the Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters for information on how to send in your application.  It’s a multi-step process: (1) you get application, fill it out and mail it in, and (2) they mail you an absentee ballot, which you –again– fill out and get in to the registrar.  At this point, given the state of the mail, you are working off a short time fuse.

But fear not, you have another option: you can ‘vote early.’  To do that you can go to City Hall, starting next Monday.  Here is more information about absenteee voting.

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