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New Orleans Mayor says ‘Google Me’

By October 1, 2005Uncategorized

We’ve all heard how pervasive the use of ‘google’ as a verb has become.  But yesterday’s remark by New Orleans Mayor Nagin is somehow still an attention-getter.  Everyone now aspires to have solid Google-stature, including politicians.  The solution, of course, is simple: start a blog.

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  • melody says:

    hi my name is melody and i lik-

  • I enjoy your blog!

    Gina in N’Awlins

  • Bryce Zabel says:

    And the flip side of it is that by “googling” yourself you learn a lot about how others are going to see you. I’m up to 38,200 mentions and I wish I could pull down about 38,000 of them. It would be interesting if “googlees” could have some input into that, but I suppose there is no such algorithm. Nice, high content blog… I enjoyed it!

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