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New Orleans may lose its wireless network

By April 14, 2006Uncategorized

NPR has this story about New Orleans possibly losing the free wireless network that it set up after Katrina.  Once the Louisiana governor lifts the state of emergency then the self-serving law that the telcos trojan-horsed into the legislature will kick in.

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One Comment

  • Stanley Feldman says:

    I don’t see the governor lifting the state of emergency anytime soon. Politics aside, my observations as a visitor suggest that the state of emergency will last indefinitely. “State of Emergency” being a relative term, let Bellsouth start the litigation to determine what is or is not an emergency or state of emergency. I would love to see this discussed in an open forum.

    Concerning the merits, let me know who we have to blame so that I can change my carrier, if necessary, here in South Carolina. Charleston, by the way, is getting ready to institute a free Wi Fi system, built (I think) with private funds. Its time that you good folks in Louisiana find out what was given by the “private” companies in exchange for the virtual monopoly.

    At best, the law in question that prohibits the New Orleans free Wi Fi, was a mistake that should be corrected. At worse, there may have been “inappropriate” lobbying (favors) to get the law passed. What to do? What to do? This seems like such an easy question to answer! Good luck!

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