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New Orleans Lawyer Meetup Group – Off to a good start

By November 16, 2012law practice

Last Wednesday  we had the inaugural gathering of the New Orleans Lawyer Meetup Group, which is going to be an informal gathering of lawyers who are new to the profession or new to the city. We welcome others who can help those new lawyers get started. So, obviously, we had some more experienced lawyers who can serve as mentors, providing useful advice or just plain old encouragement. And we had some folks who aren’t lawyers, such as accountants, web-designers, tech-savvy folks etc. 

Technology plays a big part in helping lawyers practice law, so that’s probably going to be a core part of the group. But, overall the goal is to make the meetings fun and informative in a casual way. We plan to meet once a month, probably on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Members of the group will automatically qualify for a 10% discount on any of the CLE seminars my PaperlessChase company does. We plan to offer our CLE programs for free to lawyers who have been admitted to Louisiana in the past year. If you are a new lawyer, or want to help new lawyers then this is a good group to join. Click here to sign up if you’re interested.

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