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New Orleans is starting to reopen

By September 14, 2005katrina

BizNewOrleans— "Residents and business owners could be allowed into parts of the city as early as Monday pending results from environmental tests on potential health risks due to storm waters, according to city officials."   More from the Times Picayune here.

Looks like my old neighborhood, Uptown, is one of the places that will open up first. 

Someone I talked to today who knows people who are still in the city
said that my old neighborhood bar, The Monkey Hill Bar, is open or
about to open. 

You know the recovery is kicking in when the bars start reopening.
There is at least one bar in the French Quarter that is open now.   So,
hey, maybe they won’t have to cancel Mardi Gras this year.  Here’s a
prediction: some type of festivity will take place this year.  People
may use beat up shopping carts as floats, but there will be a Mardi
Gras in New Orleans on February 28, 2006.  And I plan to be there.

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