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New Orleans can’t buy, er, auction a break.

By April 7, 2006Uncategorized

It seemed like a brilliant plan for the cash-poor New Orleans school system: auction off a flooded bus on eBay.  People around the country had seen images of flooded buses during the mass TV coverage of the aftermath, so maybe someone would pay a lot more than it was worth as a memento. The result would be some eclectic collector gets a nice souvenir, and the city gets some cash.  A classic ‘win-win’ situation.

Amazingly, the plan was working, as the bidding went up to $6,700.  But, then a lawyer noticed a problem.  (Lawyers are good at noticing problems).  I’m sure over at the school board someone is asking why there wasn’t better screening of who was allowed to return back to the city.

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